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Scoo Brew Kombucha is 100% all natural, FRESH Kombucha handmade in Cairns using local ingredients.

About Scoo Brew

We are a small batch, craft brewery located in the heart of Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, home to the magnificent Great Barrier Reef and pristine Daintree rainforest.

Due to Scoo Brew’s unique fermentation process to brew our small batch, boutique Kombucha, it is naturally low in sugar and is packed full of naturally occurring probiotics, organic acids, probiotics, live cultures, antioxidants and essential vitamin B’s, which all assist to help keep your gut the healthiest it can be.

Probiotics are widely known for their many health benefits, including immunity, digestion, weight management, mood-stabilising and prevention of some auto-immune disease’s such as IBS and arthritis.

Scoo Brew is lovingly hand brewed in small batches, much like how you would at home, no mass production here! It is naturally very low in sugar, however, it is slightly higher than other brands of Kombucha because we only use 100% real fruit to flavour – no Stevia, extracts, concentrates or essences. The living cultures contained in Kombucha live on the natural sugars, so we believe that some of these need to remain to ensure the cultures are kept fed and remain at their best by the time they reach your gut.

Scoo Brew has no preservatives. It is a FRESH product, hence the best before date is shorter than the national brands of Kombucha. But with such delicious flavours on offer, we doubt it’ll last long anyway!

We use predominantly local produce, so our flavours tend to vary season to season. Varieties have included: Lemon & Ginger, Raspberry, Blueberry, Dragonfruit, Orange & Mandarin, Strawberry, Passionfruit, Watermelon & Lime, Pineapple, Peach, Carrot & Tumeric, Mango amongst others.

Our local brewery uses only Bio-Pak packaging and recycles and composts everything we can to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. We also support the National Breast Cancer Foundation and local organisations FNQ Hospital Foundation and Wheels of Wellness.

We’re locals supporting locals and doing our best to back our Far North Queensland community.

FRESH and REAL is best for you. 

Scoo Brew loves ya guts!

We Support Local Farmers

99% of our suppliers are from Far North Queensland - keeping $$ in our local community

We use 100% real fruit to flavour

No essences, concentrates, oils or extracts

No added Sugar

Only the small amount left over from the unique fermentation process, plus the natural fruit sugars

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