Hey Scoo Brew lovers

I have not been happy with the lid on the current 1ltr bottle as it is not tamper-proof and proves difficult to transport; I have recently been told of leaking issues. The new 750ml bottle has a tamper-proof lid and is a more slimline, user friendly design; it fits into most fridge doors unlike the 1ltr bottle; another complaint I have received! I searched Australia high and low for an alternative 1ltr glass bottle with a tamper proof lid with no success. The only place I could potentially source from is overseas (China), but, I have a company policy that dictates all purchase’s are only through Australian owned companies, to support job’s and help profits remain in our country, regardless of the extra cost.

I have not had a price increase on my wholesale Kombucha in the 3.5 years of trading, unfortunately, now, I cannot keep absorbing the increases I continue to receive year after year on bottles, freight, consumables, QLD container refund scheme (yes, it is us producers that are billed every month for this, the government certainly are not putting their hands in their coffers!!) wages, labels, utilities, etc etc and NOW suppliers are blaming it on Covid!!! So rather than increase the price on this range, the bottle has been downsized and will remain the same price.

You will start seeing the new bottles on the shelves of your favourite retailer in the coming weeks.


Our Rustys & Jonsson's Earlville ON TAP locations will not have these bottles until we run out of the 1ltr bottles, then they will be changed over. I foresee this changeover in the coming months. In the meantime, you are welcome to have our new 750ml bottles filled at these two locations only at an introductory only 50cent discount.

I am sure you understand as it is only a small increase to pay for a quality, local product that supports OUR community. Thankyou so much for all your support, without wonderful, loyal customers like YOU, there would be no Scoo Brew.


Amanda xo

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