Frequently Asked Questions

Fresh-squeezed juice


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Why do some bottles have a little more Kombucha in them than others?

We hand fill all our bottles and like us all, we are not perfect!!

What are the “bits” in the Kombucha?

They are the microorganisms and 100% fruit, the good bits!!

Why does the same flavour Kombucha change week to week or bottle to bottle?

We use only 100% real fruit and this, as we know can change season to season, fruit to fruit, batch to batch!


does it contain alcohol? 

Our Kombucha alcohol levels are less than 0.5% which are in compliance with Australian & New Zealand food standards and the State and Territory based legislations. Each batch is tested in house and periodically by a NATA accredited lab.

does it contain sugar?

Our Kombucha contains only residual sugar leftover from the unique fermentation process. There is no added sugar in any of our varieties. We use only 100% fruit to flavour. Our flavours total sugars range around 3gms per 100ml

Why are some labels crooked?

We hand label all our bottles and due to getting old, our eyesight is not as good as it used to be!!

my lid has popped. is it ok?

Yes, it is still perfectly safe to drink and will still hold the seal. 

what is the shelf life?

We have a certified Six Month shelf life on all our Kombucha's. REAL Kombucha actually has an indefinite shelf-life, it just ends up being Vinegar! So it is still perfectly safe to drink after about 6 month's, however, the flavour will start to change and become more vinegary. Then you can use it as you would vinegar - it is great in salad dressings!!

it has gone flat. is is still ok?

Your Kombucha is sill perfectly safe to drink and still has all the goodness as when it was fizzy, it has just gone flat. 

must i keep it in the fridge?

Yes, it must always be kept between 1-4 degrees celsius.

why does scoo brew taste so much better than other Kombucha's i have tried?!

Kombucha is like beer and wine; every brewer brews it differently. We have balanced our Kombucha for the everyday palate, because we believe you should enjoy drinking it AND we use only 100% REAL fruit and veg to flavour!